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Jackall Super Squirrel 115mm 21g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Introducing the New 115mm Squirrel: Your Ultimate Barramundi Lure

Attention, Australia! Get ready for the latest addition to our lineup: the 115mm Squirrel, meticulously designed and crafted for the rugged conditions of Australian waters.

Key Features:

Larger Profile for Enhanced Performance:
Building upon the success of the 79mm Squirrel, we've developed a larger version of the lure to meet the demands of Australian anglers. With a larger profile, this lure offers increased visibility and presence in the water.

Improved Casting and Depth:
Designed to cast further on heavy barramundi gear and dive deeper, the 115mm Squirrel is engineered for maximum performance in a variety of fishing conditions. With a weight of approximately 21 grams, it can reach depths of up to 4 meters, ensuring you can target Barramundi with precision.

Tight Shimmy Vibrating Action:
Experience the same tight shimmy vibrating action and stability that made the 79mm Squirrel a favorite among anglers. The larger model maintains this signature action, enticing strikes from even the most discerning fish.

Distinctive Design and Vibration:
While the 115mm Squirrel may resemble the Smash Minnow in appearance, its vibration and action are distinctly different. This ensures that it stands out in the water, attracting the attention of predatory fish like Barramundi.

Premium Terminal Tackle:
We've selected top-of-the-line terminals to ensure optimal performance when targeting big fish such as Barramundi. Featuring super-strong hook hangers, Owner Hyperwire 50lb split rings, and Owner STX58 hooks in sizes #1 and #2, these components are designed for strength, lightness, and superior hook penetration.

Get ready to take your Barramundi fishing to the next level with the New 115mm Squirrel. With its larger profile, enhanced casting capabilities, and premium terminal tackle, this lure is poised to become your go-to choice for chasing trophy fish in Australian waters.

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