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Jackson Ebi Panic 70mm 4g Floating Stickbait Lure

Jackson Ebi Panic Lure: A Unique Prawn Imitation for Successful Estuary Fishing

The Jackson Ebi Panic Lure range is a carefully designed series crafted specifically for Australian saltwater estuary fishing. This lure is tailored to entice a variety of species, including whiting, bream, flathead, sooty grunter, jungle perch, and mangrove jack. The unique prawn imitation lure combines elements of a small pencil and a popper, creating a versatile and effective bait for anglers.

Key Features:

Prawn Imitation Design:

The Jackson Ebi Panic Lure is designed to mimic the appearance and movement of a prawn, a popular and enticing prey for estuary-dwelling fish species.
Hybrid Pencil-Popper Structure:

Combining features of a small pencil lure and a popper, the Ebi Panic Lure offers a versatile bait that can be worked effectively with various retrieval techniques.
Splash Creation:

The lure features a small cup on the face, strategically positioned to create just the right amount of splash during each twitch. This mimics the natural movement of a fleeing prawn, attracting the attention of nearby predators.
Accurate Tow Point:

The rear tow point of the lure is positioned to imitate the swimming direction of a fleeing prawn. This accuracy enhances the realism of the lure's presentation.
Ready-to-Fish Configuration:

Equipped with a strong and sharp treble hook in the middle and a double assist hook off the rear, the Ebi Panic Lure comes ready-to-fish straight out of the box.
Stinger Assist Hooks:

The inclusion of stinger assist hooks is particularly effective when targeting species like whiting, which may nudge the lure from the rear during pursuit. These assist hooks are designed to stay securely in the fish's mouth.
Ideal Size and Weight:

The lure's dimensions are optimized for estuary fishing, measuring 70mm in length and weighing 4g. This size is suitable for enticing a range of estuarine species.
Floating Action:

The Ebi Panic Lure is designed to float, allowing anglers to control its depth and action based on retrieval speed and technique.
The Jackson Ebi Panic Lure stands out as a versatile and realistic prawn imitation, offering anglers an effective tool for estuary fishing. With its innovative design, accurate tow point, and ready-to-fish configuration, this lure promises an exciting and successful fishing experience for those targeting estuarine species in Australian waters.

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