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Jackson Jester Minnow 78sf 10g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Introducing the Jackson Jester Minnow 78SF Lure: Your Ultimate Versatile Fishing Companion

Crafted in Japan, the Jackson Jester Minnow 78SF Lure is a 78mm slow-floating diving minnow designed to excel across a variety of fishing styles and target species. Engineered with a focus on strength, casting accuracy, distance, and immediate diving action, this lure enables anglers to swiftly enter the strike zone and entice bites.

Key Features:

Versatility for Various Fishing Styles:
The Jester Minnow's versatility extends to its retrievability, making it suitable for both trolling and casting techniques. Whether you prefer a constant slow roll retrieve or a twitch-and-pause action, this lure adapts to your fishing style and preferences.

Ideal for Targeting Multiple Species:
Perfect for northern Australia, the Jester Minnow is highly effective when chasing species like barramundi and mangrove jack. It's equally proficient in southern waters, where it can attract big flathead and jewfish. Its versatility makes it a go-to lure for a wide range of fishing scenarios.

Rigged with Premium Vanfook Trebles:
Equipped with 3X strong Vanfook CT-78 trebles, the Jester Minnow is ready to fish straight out of the box. These high-quality hooks ensure secure hooksets and reliable performance when battling tough fish.

Fast Diving and Accurate Casting:
Featuring a fast diving action and accurate casting capabilities, the Jester Minnow allows anglers to reach deeper waters and pinpoint precise casting spots with ease. This ensures maximum coverage of the target area and increases the likelihood of enticing strikes.

Slow-Floating Design:
The slow-floating design of the Jester Minnow adds to its versatility, allowing it to hover enticingly in the water column and prolonging its presence in the strike zone.


Length: 78mm
Weight: 10g

Elevate your fishing game with the Jackson Jester Minnow 78SF Lure. Whether you're targeting barramundi, mangrove jack, flathead, or jewfish, this versatile lure delivers exceptional performance and results, making it a must-have addition to your tackle box.

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