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Jackson Muscle Shot 90mm 30g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Jackson Muscle Shot Lure: A Powerhouse for Pelagic Species in Beach/Rock Fishing

The Jackson Muscle Shot Lure stands out as a powerhouse designed for beach and rock fishing, specifically targeting pelagic species like salmon, tailor, kingfish, and other fast-moving fish. Crafted with precision and strength, this lure offers anglers a reliable tool for casting at a distance and enticing aggressive strikes.

Key Features:

Protruding Tail Fins and Small Lip:

The Muscle Shot Lure is engineered with protruding tail fins and a small lip, ensuring it stays submerged even with a fast retrieve. This feature is particularly effective in attracting pelagic species.
Beach/Rock Fishing Specialist:

Designed for beach and rock fishing, the lure is well-suited for anglers targeting fast-swimming pelagic fish in coastal environments.
Heavy Weight and Compact Size:

The lure's heavy weight, compact size, and weight positioning contribute to its ability to cast great distances. This makes it an excellent choice for shore-based fishing, providing anglers with the reach needed to access feeding zones.
Bullet-Like Casting Performance:

Thanks to its heavy weight and streamlined design, the Muscle Shot casts like a bullet. This feature is advantageous for anglers fishing from the shore, especially along the beach.
Super Strong Construction:

The Muscle Shot is built for strength, featuring a solid bottom half and wire-through construction. This construction enhances the lure's durability and robustness, allowing it to withstand the challenges of aggressive pelagic species.
Low Centre of Gravity:

The lure's low center of gravity keeps it upright and swimming naturally, contributing to its realistic presentation in the water.
Two Sizes Available:

The Muscle Shot Lure is available in two sizes, providing anglers with options to match the size of baitfish in the water and target a variety of pelagic species effectively.

Whether you're casting from the beach or rocks, the Jackson Muscle Shot Lure is a reliable and strong performer, offering the features needed to entice and hook pelagic species in coastal environments. Its casting prowess, durability, and fish-attracting design make it a valuable addition to the arsenal of anglers pursuing fast-swimming predators.

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