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Jackson P Y Popper 46mm 3.2g Popper Lure

Jackson Pygmy Popper: Small But Mighty for Shallow-Water Action

The Jackson Pygmy Popper is a remarkable topwater lure that packs a punch despite its small profile. Crafted for fishing in the shallows and around structure, this lure is particularly effective for targeting bream, whiting, and aggressive flathead. Its design and features make it an excellent choice for anglers seeking topwater excitement in coastal environments.

Key Features:

Small Profile Popper:

The Pygmy Popper is designed with a small profile, making it an enticing option for fish that prefer smaller bait. Its compact size mimics natural prey and appeals to species such as bream, whiting, and flathead.
Rear Weighted Design:

To maximize casting distance and achieve the ideal positioning in the water, the lure features rear weights. This design ensures that the lure can be cast efficiently despite its small size.
Cupped Face for Splash:

The V-shaped head cup on the Pygmy Popper is crafted to create just the right amount of splash during the retrieve. This mimics the action of a fleeing baitfish or prawn, attracting the attention of predatory fish.
Versatile Imitation:

The lure's design allows it to imitate the motion of a fleeing prawn or baitfish, presenting an irresistible target for fish lurking in the shallows.
Ideal for Shallow-Water Action:

Tailored for fishing in shallow waters and around structure, the Pygmy Popper excels in environments where predatory species like bream and whiting are known to hunt.
Exceptional Castability:

Despite its small size, the inclusion of rear weights enhances the lure's casting performance, allowing anglers to reach their target areas effectively.
Topwater Excitement:

The Pygmy Popper's topwater presentation adds an element of excitement to angling, as fish often strike aggressively at surface lures.

Whether you're targeting bream, whiting, or flathead in the shallows, the Jackson Pygmy Popper offers a compelling option for topwater action. Its thoughtful design, including rear weighting and a cupped face, enhances its performance in enticing predatory fish to strike. This small but mighty lure is a valuable addition to the tackle box of anglers seeking success in shallow-water environments.

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