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Jackson R A Pop 70mm 7g Floating Stickbait Lure

Jackson RA Pop: A Versatile All-Rounder Surface Popper for Various Species

The Jackson RA Pop stands out as a versatile and effective surface popper, catering to a range of fishing scenarios and target species. Whether you're pursuing whiting, small perch, big flathead, or other predatory fish, this lure's design and features make it a reliable choice for topwater action.

Key Features:

All-Rounder Popper:

The RA Pop is designed as a versatile surface popper suitable for various species and fishing conditions. Its adaptability makes it effective for enticing a range of predators.
Profile Size:

With a profile size that strikes a balance, the lure is small enough to attract whiting and small perch while still being substantial to lure in larger flathead from shallow waters.
Unique Face Design:

The lure's face features a large half-circle cup, and the gills extend downwards to act as "fins." This design aids in holding the lure in the water and tracking straight when given a good pop.
Tail-Down Position:

The RA Pop is designed to sit tail down in the water, effectively imitating the motion of a fleeing prawn or yabbie. This positioning enhances its realism, especially during a constant retrieve in flats or shallow waters.
Target Species:

The lure is effective in targeting various species, including mangrove jack, barramundi, sooty grunter, jungle perch, flathead, bream, and whiting. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of environments, from northern waters to lakes in the southern regions of Australia.
Effective Topwater Option:

The RA Pop excels as a topwater option, providing anglers with an exciting and effective way to entice predatory fish to strike aggressively.
Northern and Southern Applications:

Whether you're fishing the skinny waters of northern Australia or the shallows of southern lakes, the Jackson RA Pop proves to be a great choice for topwater angling.

The Jackson RA Pop's thoughtful design, unique face features, and tail-down position contribute to its effectiveness in imitating prey and attracting a variety of fish species. Anglers seeking an all-rounder surface popper for diverse fishing scenarios will find the RA Pop to be a valuable addition to their tackle arsenal.

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