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Jaz Rapide Shad 90mm 16g Shallow Hard Body Lure

Introducing Jaz Lures Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW: Your Ultimate Slow-Rising Fishing Lure for Shallow Waters

Designed specifically for shallow water applications, the Jaz Lures Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW combines the effectiveness of a slow-rising lure with the versatility to excel in shallow fishing environments. Crafted to maintain its position in the strike zone, even at rest, this lure offers anglers an advantage when targeting species in shallower depths.

Key Features:

Slow-Rising Action for Shallow Waters:
The Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW features a slow-rising design tailored for fishing in shallow waters. Even in shallow depths, this lure gradually floats to the surface when at rest, ensuring that it remains within the strike zone and maximizes its effectiveness.

Versatile Trolling or Casting Abilities:
Whether trolling or casting, the Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW performs admirably at both slow and high speeds. This versatility allows anglers to adjust their fishing techniques based on the conditions and target species, ensuring optimal results in various shallow water environments.

Hand-Tuned and Tank-Tested for Quality Assurance:
Each Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW lure undergoes meticulous hand-tuning and rigorous tank testing to guarantee superior performance and reliability on the water. This commitment to quality ensures that every lure meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and effectiveness.

Enhanced Strike Zone Coverage in Shallow Depths:
With its slow-rising action and specialized design for shallow waters, the Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW provides enhanced coverage of the strike zone in shallower depths. Whether fishing along weed lines, over submerged structure, or in shallow flats, this lure is adept at attracting strikes from a variety of predatory species.

Length: 90mm

Elevate your shallow water fishing experience with the Jaz Lures Rapide Shad 90 SHALLOW. Whether targeting bass, pike, or other shallow water species, this slow-rising lure is engineered to deliver outstanding results in shallow water environments.

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