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Live Target Ultimate Frog 2.5" Floating Stride Lure

Introducing the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait: A Finesse Model with Unmatched Realism and Action

Designed to replicate the natural movements of a resting frog, the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait offers an unparalleled finesse experience for anglers targeting bass, cod, saratoga, and other surface-feeding predators. This meticulously crafted lure combines anatomically accurate details and innovative design elements to create a lifelike presentation that is sure to entice strikes.

Key Features:

Realistic Frog Stride:

The Ultimate Frog Stride Bait is engineered to sit at a specific angle in the water, mimicking the posture of a resting frog. When twitched or pulled, the legs stretch forward, creating an anatomical stride similar to that of a frog thrusting forward. This lifelike action sets it apart from traditional lures.

Durable Construction:

The legs of the lure are constructed of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), providing both flexibility and durability. The body is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), ensuring toughness and longevity. The Finesse Model is designed for close-quarters action around dense cover or stealthy open runs.

Versatile Applications:

Whether strategically placed in small holes around dense cover or used for stealthy open runs, the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait is versatile in its applications. It excels in scenarios where finesse and realism are key to enticing strikes from wary predators.

Targeted Species:

The lure is specifically crafted for targeting bass, cod, saratoga, and other surface-feeding predators. Its realistic frog presentation makes it a compelling choice for anglers seeking an edge in finesse fishing.
Replacement Legs Included:

Each Ultimate Frog Stride Bait comes with one set of replacement legs, ensuring the longevity of the lure. Anglers can continue to mimic a running frog's stride, creating a consistent and irresistible presentation.

Experience the difference with the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait—a finesse model that goes beyond conventional lures. Mimic the running stride of a frog and elevate your finesse fishing game with this exceptional and realistic offering. There's nothing quite like the lifelike action and appeal of the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait.

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