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Loon Soft Head Fly Finish

Loon Soft Head Clear - Flexible Fly and Popper Coating (1 oz)

Transform your flies and poppers with the unique touch of Loon Soft Head Clear. This 1 oz bottle of thick, soft, and flexible head cement introduces a new dimension to your fly tying experience. Explore the features that make Loon Soft Head Clear a must-have in your tying arsenal:

Thick and Pliable:
Loon Soft Head Clear is not just an adhesive; it's a transformative coating for your flies and poppers. This thick, one-part head cement dries soft and pliable, giving your creations a lifelike and irresistible appearance.

Odorless and Non-Toxic:
Say farewell to strong odors and toxic fumes. Loon Soft Head Clear is crafted to be odor-free and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and pleasant tying experience.

Water-Based Formula:
Easy to work with and environmentally conscious, this water-based head cement allows you to build up soft heads and bodies with ease. Let your creativity flow without compromising on performance.

Applicator Brush Included:
Loon Soft Head Clear comes equipped with an applicator brush, making the application process precise and hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of building up soft heads and bodies effortlessly.

Versatile Applications:
Perfect for enhancing the realism of your fly patterns, Loon Soft Head Clear is an excellent choice for creating soft and natural-looking heads and bodies. Whether you're tying nymphs, streamers, or poppers, this head cement adds a unique touch.

Elevate your fly tying game with Loon Soft Head Clear. Experience the freedom to create lifelike, soft, and flexible heads that entice even the most discerning fish.

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