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Loon Uv Resin Flow 1/2oz


Unlock the potential of your fly tying with the Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow - a 1/2oz marvel of UV-curing resins designed for versatility and efficiency. Offering infinite work time and curing in seconds under Loon's UV lights, this clear fly finish ensures a flawless application with a durable, clean, and glossy finish. Tailored for various applications, the three different viscosities cater to specific tying needs:

UV Flow for Ultimate Versatility:
This variant boasts the viscosity of water, making it a dynamic choice for a range of applications. Lock in threads seamlessly as a head cement, or apply a super-thin coating to heads, bodies, or midges for precision and perfection in your fly tying.


New UV Blocking Application Needles: Crafted with innovation in mind, Loon introduces UV Blocking application needles to enhance the precision of your fly tying. Say goodbye to unwanted curing during application.

New Taper-Tip Needle for Clog Prevention: The thoughtfully designed Taper-Tip needle prevents frustrating clogs, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted tying process.

Instant Curing with Sunlight or UV Light: Experience the convenience of instant curing. Whether exposed to sunlight or Loon's UV light, this clear fly finish sets rapidly, allowing you to move seamlessly through your tying projects.

Brush Applicator Included: Achieve even and controlled application with the included brush applicator. Perfect for covering larger areas with ease.

Needle Tip Included for Precision Tying: For intricate and precise work, a needle tip is included, empowering you to create detailed patterns and designs.

Dive deeper into the capabilities of the Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow with our informative video. See how this UV resin transforms your fly tying experience, providing unmatched precision and efficiency.

Watch the Product in Action:

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