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Loon Uv Resin Thick 1/2oz


Elevate your fly tying experience with the Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick - a 1/2oz powerhouse of UV-curing resins designed to revolutionize your creations. Offering infinite work time and curing within seconds under Loon's UV lights, this clear fly finish guarantees a flawless application, leaving you with a durable, clean, and glossy finish. Explore the versatility of the three different viscosities tailored to excel in specific tying circumstances:

UV Flow for Ultimate Versatility:
Embrace the water-like viscosity of UV Flow, ideal for locking in threads as a head cement. Its super-thin coating capability adds precision to heads, bodies, or midges, ensuring perfection in every tie.

UV Thin for Versatile Building:
With the perfect balance of viscosity, UV Thin is your choice for building heads or wing cases. Thin enough to coat bodies on small, low-profile flies, it offers flexibility and control in your tying endeavors.

UV Thick for Substantial Constructs:
When your fly demands a commanding presence, turn to UV Thick. Tailored for building big heads, bodies, and wing cases, this variant allows you to create flies that stand out in the water.

Experience the following benefits:

Infinite Work Time, Rapid Cure: Enjoy the freedom of infinite work time while crafting your fly, and witness rapid curing within seconds when exposed to Loon's UV lights.

Durable, Clean, and Glossy Finish: Achieve a professional touch with every tie. The clear fly finish leaves your creations with a durable, clean, and glossy finish, enhancing their overall appeal.

Revolutionize your fly tying with Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick - where innovation meets precision. Unleash your creativity, tie with confidence, and craft flies that captivate on the water.

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