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Lucky Craft Sammy 65mm 5.8g Floating Stickbait Lure

The Lucky Craft Sammy stands as a legendary lure in the Australian angling scene, achieving acclaim for its effectiveness across various species. Whether you're targeting whiting, bass, bream, or inshore estuary pelagics, the Sammy 65 has become a staple for anglers seeking reliable and versatile performance.

Key Features:

Versatile Species Coverage:

The Sammy 65 has earned its legendary status by proving effective across a diverse range of species. From enticing whiting, bass, and bream to engaging inshore estuary pelagics, this lure has demonstrated its versatility in catering to different angling preferences and target species.
Smooth 'Walk the Dog' Action:

The rounded body shape of the Lucky Craft Sammy contributes to a smooth 'walk the dog' action. This action combines the gliding motion associated with walking the dog technique and the water-spitting action characteristic of poppers. The synergy of these actions adds to the lure's appeal, making it an enticing target for predatory fish.
Controlled Dive and Landing:

The Sammy 65 is designed to maintain control during dives and landings, minimizing disturbances that could potentially spook fish. This careful engineering ensures that the lure hits the water without diving excessively, providing anglers with a strategic advantage when presenting the lure to target species.
Tail-Down Posture for Increased Hookups:

During pauses, the Sammy 65 adopts a tail-down posture, a feature that enhances hookup rates. This positioning, combined with the lure's lifelike action within short distances, contributes to its effectiveness in attracting strikes from discerning fish.
Long Casting Ability:

Anglers appreciate the long casting ability of the Lucky Craft Sammy, allowing them to reach distant targets with ease. The lure's casting performance enables anglers to cover more water effectively, increasing their chances of encountering active and feeding fish.
Glass Rattles for Added Attraction:

The inclusion of glass rattles within the lure serves as an additional attractant, calling fish from a distance. The sound produced by these rattles adds to the Sammy 65's fish-catching appeal, making it a reliable choice for anglers seeking lures with proven track records.
Global Recognition and Success:

The continued success of the Lucky Craft Sammy on a global scale is attributed to its quality materials, meticulous manufacture, and, most importantly, its fish-calling action. Anglers worldwide recognize its fishability and outstanding catch rate, solidifying its status as a top-tier lure.

The Lucky Craft Sammy 65 has become more than just a lure; it's a go-to choice for anglers who prioritize quality, versatility, and proven results. With its ability to mimic natural actions, controlled presentation, and extensive coverage of target species, the Sammy 65 remains a legend in the angling community. As you cast and retrieve the Lucky Craft Sammy, anticipate the excitement of engaging with a lure that has etched its name in the annals of Australian fishing.

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