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Mako Edge Polarised Sunglasses G1hr6 (brown Lens Blue Mirror Matt Black)

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Introducing the MAKO EDGE Brown Lens Blue Mirror Polarised Sunglasses G1HR6 in Matte Black

The MAKO EDGE sunglasses combine lightweight TR90 frame material with durable construction, offering a comfortable fit and excellent coverage. Featuring a matte black frame with brown lenses and a blue mirror coating, these sunglasses provide both style and functionality for outdoor activities.

Key Features:

Frame Material: Crafted from lightweight and durable TR90 material, the frame ensures a comfortable fit and long-lasting performance, ideal for active lifestyles.

Lens Material: Available with both glass and polycarbonate lenses, the EDGE sunglasses provide clear and crisp vision, enhancing visual acuity in various lighting conditions.

Mirror Coating: The blue mirror coating reduces glare and enhances contrast, providing optimal visibility and comfort in bright sunlight.

Photochromic: While not photochromic, the lenses offer high-definition vision and clarity, ensuring optimal visual performance in different light settings.

High Definition: Experience high-definition vision with the lenses, ensuring sharp and clear visuals for enhanced comfort and performance.

Infra Red Filter: Featuring an infra-red filter, the lenses provide additional protection against harmful rays, ensuring eye safety during prolonged sun exposure.

Oleophobic Coating: The oleophobic coating repels oil and smudges, keeping the lenses clean and clear for optimal visibility and minimal maintenance.

Hydrophobic Coating: With a hydrophobic coating, the lenses repel water and moisture, ensuring clear vision even in wet conditions.

Anti-Reflective Coating: The anti-reflective coating minimizes glare and reflections, reducing eye strain and enhancing overall visibility.

Prescription Option: Available in prescription, allowing for customized vision correction tailored to individual needs.

Product Weight: Weighing approximately 41 grams, the EDGE sunglasses offer lightweight comfort for extended wear.

Face Fit: Designed to fit medium-sized faces, the MAKO EDGE sunglasses provide a comfortable and secure fit for most individuals.

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