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Molix Rt Shad 4.5" Soft Plastic Lure

RT Shad 4.5" Soft Shad: Realistic Lure for a Wide Range of Predators

The RT Shad 4.5" is a highly realistic soft shad lure designed with a soft, high-density mixture. Its special design closely imitates the appearance of a small forage fish, making it irresistible to lazy and suspicious predators.

Key Features:

Realistic Design: The lure's unique design replicates the shape of tiny forage fish, triggering the predatory instincts of a variety of predators.

Dynamic Profile Shape: Featuring a dynamic profile shape and a bulky paddle, the lure exhibits an original and lifelike movement. It offers excellent stability when used with different rigs.

Natural Swimming Action: The RT Shad delivers a natural and vibrant swimming action with an accentuated rolling effect at any retrieval speed, further enhancing its appeal to predators.

Versatility and Effectiveness: This lure is incredibly versatile and effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It's suitable for a wide range of predators, including Black Bass, Trouts, Pikes, Barbs, Asps in freshwater, and Sea bass, along with other coastal predators in the sea. It excels in various fishing spots, including cliffs and mouths.

Color Variety: Available in different imitative and classic colors, the lure includes a special insert with a high concentration of glitter. This addition enhances the reflections during the retrieval action, increasing its visual appeal.


Length: 11.4 cm (4.5 inches)

The RT Shad 4.5" Soft Shad is a fantastic choice for anglers targeting a wide range of predators. Its lifelike design, natural swimming action, and versatility make it a reliable option for successful fishing trips in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Get ready to attract and land your next big catch with the RT Shad 4.5"!

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