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Molix Rt Fork Flex 6" Soft Plastic Lure

Molix RT Fork Soft Plastic Lure: The Ultimate All-Purpose Lure for Fresh and Saltwater

The Molix RT Fork Soft Plastic Lure is a true game-changer for anglers targeting a wide range of predators in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Crafted using the exclusive Molix Formula, this lure features an incredibly buoyant, soft, and flexible compound that's not only more resistant to cutting but also enriched with salt and scent for added attraction.

Key Features:

Versatile Rigging: The RT Fork is a versatile lure designed for multiple rigging options. It excels in various scenarios, including drop shot presentations, jig head rigging, and use with weedless hooks for fishing in areas with obstacles.

Distinctive Shape and V-Tail: The lure's unique shape and V-tail create a seductive and enticing movement that appeals to a wide variety of fish species. Whether you're employing vertical presentations or retrieval techniques, this lure delivers lifelike action.

Varied Retrieval Styles: The RT Fork can be retrieved in different ways to match your fishing strategy. You can use it for erratic, classic "walking the dog" motion or employ a slow, sinuous retrieve for research and exploration. Its floating compound ensures visibility during pauses on the bottom.

Customizable Attraction: This lure includes a small pocket where you can insert an additional weight or rattler, further enhancing its appeal to predators.


Length: 15.25 cm (6 inches)
Pack: 4 pieces

The Molix RT Fork Soft Plastic Lure is the ultimate go-to choice for various fishing situations. Whether you're targeting freshwater or saltwater species, its versatility, durability, and lifelike movement make it an indispensable addition to your tackle box. Prepare for a successful day on the water with the Molix RT Fork!

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