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Molix Shad 120mm 35g Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

MOLIX SHAD 120: Deep-Water Soft Swimbait for Large Predators

The Molix Shad 120 represents a powerful soft swimbait designed to entice formidable predators residing in deeper waters. Tailored for scenarios where traditional lures may struggle to reach or be effective, this sinking swimbait incorporates innovative features to attract large gamefish. Let's explore the key attributes that make the Molix Shad 120 a compelling choice for anglers targeting deep-dwelling predators.

Key Features:

Optimized Size: With a length of 12 cm (4.3/4 inches), the Molix Shad 120 is strategically sized to appeal to larger predators. Its substantial profile mimics the appearance of mature baitfish, making it an enticing target for sizable gamefish.

Sinking Action: Configured as a sinking lure, the Molix Shad 120 is designed to operate effectively in deeper water columns. This characteristic allows anglers to explore depths ranging from 40 to 130 cm (1.3 to 4 feet), reaching areas where other lures may fall short.

Weight: Weighing 35 grams (1.1/4 oz), this soft swimbait possesses the necessary heft to achieve optimal casting distance and maintain a stable presence in deeper waters. The weight contributes to the lifelike swimming action, enhancing its realism.

Blade Insert: A blade inserted under the belly of the swimbait serves as a key feature of the Molix Shad 120. This blade generates high-frequency vibrations, functioning as an additional attractant to entice predators. The vibrations prove effective in murky waters and can capture the attention of distant fish.

Versatile Presentation: The position of the ring in the head of the swimbait enables versatile presentation options. Anglers can effectively use the Molix Shad 120 vertically, expanding its utility in different fishing scenarios.

Durable Blend: Crafted from a new and durable blend of materials, the Molix Shad 120 is designed to withstand the rigors of challenging fishing conditions. The robust construction ensures longevity and resilience during encounters with large and aggressive predators.

High-Frequency Vibrations: The blade's high-frequency vibrations create a compelling underwater presence, attracting predatory fish even from a distance. This feature enhances the swimbait's effectiveness in enticing strikes.

The Molix Shad 120 stands out as a purpose-built soft swimbait tailored for anglers pursuing large predators in deeper waters. Its sinking action, substantial size, and blade-induced vibrations make it a formidable choice for targeting a variety of gamefish. Whether you're casting into deep structures or working the swimbait vertically, the Molix Shad 120 offers a versatile and enticing presentation. Elevate your deep-water fishing game with the lifelike movements and alluring vibrations of the Molix Shad 120 soft swimbait.

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