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Nomad Ammonite Jigging Braided Fishing Line Multi Colour 600yds

Introducing the Nomad Design AMMONITE braid, meticulously crafted as the epitome of premium quality jigging braids, harnessing the pinnacle of PE Fiber technology. This exceptional braid features a super-tight 36-weave X8 construction, fortified with a Hydroslick coating, empowering anglers with direct contact and remarkable strength-to-diameter ratios for swift and effective deep-water jigging.

AMMONITE stands out for its exceptional attributes—it's ultra-smooth, highly resistant to abrasion, incredibly robust, and impressively thin. This amalgamation results in the ultimate braid meticulously designed for all deep-water jigging applications.

Experience the unrivaled straight fall and immediate responsiveness of AMMONITE during free spooling, significantly enhancing bite detection and perfecting jig presentation for all targeted species. The strategically placed color changes every 20 feet (rotating among three colors) facilitate accurate and effortless fishing across varying depths of the water column.

Designed and rigorously tested in Australia, drawing upon decades of on-water expertise, the AMMONITE premium jigging braid is primed and poised for anglers ready to conquer the depths and take on the next oceanic titan.

Ammonite Multi PE 2 39lb 0.23 8 – 36 Weave/Inch Multi - 20ft colour change
Ammonite Multi PE 3 44lb 0.28 8 – 36 Weave/Inch Multi - 20ft colour change
Ammonite Multi PE 4 55lb 0.30 8 – 36 Weave/Inch Multi - 20ft colour change
Ammonite Multi PE 5 61lb 0.33 8 – 36 Weave/Inch Multi - 20ft colour change
Embark on unparalleled jigging adventures with Nomad Design's AMMONITE braid, where cutting-edge technology meets tested expertise to conquer the depths with finesse and precision.

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