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Nomad Chug Norris 72mm 10g Popper Lure

Nomad Design CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition: Revolutionizing Topwater Action

The legendary CHUG NORRIS has made its debut in freshwater, bringing a whole new level of topwater excitement to anglers. Designed as a surface 'walk the dog' style popper, the CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition is engineered to create maximum disturbance with minimal movement, enticing a wide range of freshwater predators.

Key Features:

Water-Displacement Design:

The CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition is not just a lure that sits on top of the water; it transforms the water underneath it. Engineered with a water-displacement design, this popper excels in creating significant disturbance with minimal angler effort. It ensures that the CHUG NORRIS makes a bold statement to entice freshwater predators.
'Walk the Dog' Style Action:

The popper is designed to deliver a 'walk the dog' style action, adding an element of unpredictability to its movement. Anglers can pop it hard for a dramatic splash or work it slowly to make the most of the Patented Autotune System. This system allows the popper to turn a full 180 degrees from side-to-side, providing a subtle yet effective movement that can trigger strikes from otherwise reluctant fish.
Versatile Retrieval Options:

The CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition offers versatility in retrieval styles. Whether you prefer an aggressive popping action or a slow and deliberate retrieve, this lure adapts to your fishing preferences. The Autotune System ensures freedom of movement, allowing the lure to perform effectively in various scenarios.
Proven Effectiveness:

The CHUG NORRIS design, known for its effectiveness in saltwater environments, has been adapted for freshwater applications. Its reputation for attracting strikes and enticing fish holds true, making it a valuable addition to the freshwater angler's arsenal.
Crafted for Durability:

Nomad Design lures are synonymous with durability, and the CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition is no exception. Crafted with decades of experience on the water, this lure is built to withstand the challenges of freshwater fishing, ensuring it lasts longer and continues to catch more fish.
The Nomad Design CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition brings the iconic surface action of the CHUG NORRIS to freshwater environments. With its water-displacement design, 'walk the dog' style action, and the innovative Patented Autotune System, this popper revolutionizes topwater fishing in freshwater. Anglers can expect a lure that makes a big impact with minimal effort, triggering strikes from a variety of freshwater predators. Crafted with the renowned durability of Nomad Design lures, the CHUG NORRIS Freshwater Edition is set to become a go-to choice for anglers seeking an effective and versatile topwater lure for freshwater adventures.

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