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Nomad Dtx Minnow 120mm 36g Hard Body Lure

Introducing the DTX MINNOW 120mm: A Game-Changing Casting and Trolling Minnow

Revolutionary Design:
The DTX MINNOW 120mm redefines casting and trolling minnows with its innovative features, including the Patented Nomad Autotune System and advanced Hydrospeed design technology. Engineered to excel in slow trolling or casting scenarios, this lure is a standout choice for targeting big Barra, Fingermark, and PNG Black Bass.

Optimized Performance:
Crafted with a wider body and unique lip design, the 120mm DTX MINNOW delivers enhanced body action at slower speeds while providing increased snag resistance for casting and trolling through structure. Its ability to dive deep at super slow speeds and exhibit a massive action make it irresistible to trophy fish.

Relentless Swimming Action:
Thanks to the Patented Nomad Design Autotune tow point and bib system, the DTX MINNOW maintains a deep, straight, and true swimming action with unmatched consistency, even after multiple strikes. This ensures that the lure performs flawlessly, maximizing your chances of hooking into trophy fish every time.

Versatile Application:
Whether cast and retrieved super slow or trolled at speeds of up to 6 knots, the DTX MINNOW offers versatility and performance in various fishing scenarios. With a diving capability of over 8 meters and an internal rattle with a center balanced weight cavity, this lure is designed to attract and entice predatory species with its lifelike presentation.

Tested and Trusted:
Designed and rigorously tested in Australia by the Nomad Sportfishing Team, the DTX MINNOW embodies durability, reliability, and effectiveness. Each lure is meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of saltwater angling while delivering superior performance and results. With decades of on-the-water experience behind every design, Nomad Design lures are built to endure and excel in any fishing situation.

Elevate your angling experience with the DTX MINNOW 120mm and discover the difference that revolutionary design and premium craftsmanship can make in your pursuit of trophy fish.

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