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Nomad Madmacs 130mm 95g Bibless Hard Body Lure

Introducing the MADMACS: The Ultimate Sinking High-Speed Trolling Minnow for Unmatched Action and Durability

Revolutionary Design:
The MADMACS sets a new standard for high-speed trolling minnows with its sinking design and incredible vibrating action. Featuring the patented Auto Tune System, this lure ensures straight trolling and flawless performance across a wide range of speeds, from as slow as 5 knots to a blazing 15 knots.

Versatile Performance:
With the ability to troll at various speeds, the MADMACS is a versatile addition to any fishing spread. It runs at a depth of approximately 1.8-2.4 meters at slower speeds and 1-1.2 meters at faster speeds, making it effective in diverse fishing scenarios.

Exceptional Construction:
Crafted with a machine-stamped stainless steel plate and full-body foam core construction, the MADMACS boasts unparalleled durability and toughness. The patented Body Design ensures it can withstand the most challenging conditions, making it up to any fishing challenge.

Ready for Battle:
Equipped with super-strong BKK hooks and heavy-duty split rings, the MADMACS is ready to take on any predatory fish with confidence. Whether you're targeting large pelagics or aggressive inshore predators, this lure is built to handle the fight.

Casting Option:
In addition to trolling, the MADMACS can also be used as a casting bait, thanks to its internal rattle that grabs the attention of predators. Whether trolling or casting, this lure delivers irresistible action that entices even the most cautious fish.

Elevate your trolling game with the MADMACS and experience the difference that superior design and craftsmanship can make in your fishing success. Trust in Nomad Design to provide you with the ultimate trolling minnow for durability, versatility, and unmatched performance on the water.

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