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Nomad Madmacs 160mm 170g Bibless Hard Body Lure

Introducing the MADMACS 160mm: The Ultimate Super High-Speed Trolling Minnow for Unmatched Performance

Unrivaled Speed and Action:
The MADMACS 160mm is a sinking super high-speed trolling minnow designed to excel at speeds of up to 20 knots when rigged correctly. Thanks to the Patented Autotune System, this lure delivers an amazing vibrating action even at very low speeds, ensuring an enticing presentation that fish can't resist.

Versatile Trolling Options:
Capable of trolling at speeds as slow as 5 knots or as fast as 20 knots, the MADMACS offers unmatched versatility in your trolling spread. Whether you're targeting fast-moving pelagics or slower species, this lure is a must-have for every angler seeking maximum trolling success.

Reliable Performance:
The Autotune system ensures that the MADMACS always trolls straight and runs perfectly, maintaining its amazing action across a wide range of speeds. With a depth range of approximately 2-3.7 meters at slower speeds and 1-2 meters at super-fast speeds, this lure is effective in various fishing scenarios.

Built Tough for Battle:
Constructed with a machine-stamped stainless steel plate and full-body foam core design, the MADMACS is one of the toughest lures on the market. Its patented Body Design ensures durability and resilience against the toughest challenges, while super-strong BKK hooks and Heavy Duty split rings provide added assurance during the fight.

Designed for Success:
Crafted and tested in Australia by the Nomad Design Team, each MADMACS lure draws on decades of charter experience from the Nomad Sportfishing operation. With a focus on specific purposes and meticulous balancing and testing, every MADMACS is engineered to deliver superior performance on the water.

Elevate your trolling game with the MADMACS 160mm and experience the difference that superior design, versatility, and durability can make in your fishing success. Trust in Nomad Design to provide you with the ultimate trolling minnow for unmatched speed, action, and reliability on the water.

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