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Nomad Madscad 190mm 220g Sinking Hard Body Lure

Introducing the Madscad 190 Autotune (AT): The Ultimate Trolling Lure for Unmatched Performance

Revolutionize Your Trolling Game:
Prepare to revolutionize your trolling experience with the Madscad 190 Autotune (AT). Capable of trolling speeds ranging from 3 to an incredible 18+ knots, this lure will change the way you fish forever. With a shallow diving depth of 1-3 feet and an incredible side-to-side action, the Madscad 190 AT stands apart from other trolling lures on the market.

Patented Autotune System:
The secret behind the Madscad 190 AT's unique action and exceptional troll speed lies in its Patented Autotune System. This innovative technology ensures perfect balance, enabling maximum troll speed and generating a huge, enticing action that attracts bites when other lures fail.

Built to Last:
Part of the Nomad Design Heavy Duty Squall Runner High-Speed Trolling series, the Madscad 190 AT is built super-strong for durability and reliability. Featuring a full Metal Matrix Internal plate and Diamond Armor construction, this lure offers unrivaled strength to withstand the toughest challenges on the water.

Seductive Swimming Action:
Designed to mimic a classic deep-bodied baitfish, the Madscad 190 AT boasts a bib-less design that trolls subsurface at super high speeds. Its seductive S-shaped swimming action and tail kick are irresistible to predatory fish, ensuring you stay in the game longer and cover more water between fishing spots.

Crafted by Experience:
Each Madscad 190 AT is meticulously designed and tested in Australia by the Nomad Design Team, drawing on decades of on-the-water guiding experience in some of the world's toughest and most prolific fishing grounds. Every lure is crafted with a specific purpose in mind and has been balanced and tested to work perfectly with the fitted hooks, ensuring optimal performance in any fishing scenario.

Elevate your trolling game with the Madscad 190 Autotune (AT) and experience the difference that superior design, durability, and reliability can make in your fishing success. Trust in Nomad Design to provide you with the ultimate trolling lure, crafted by experience for unparalleled performance on the water.

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