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Nomad Panderra X8 Braided Fishing Line Multi Colour 400m

Discover the PANDERRA CYAN BLUE BRAID, meticulously crafted from premium Japanese PE fiber, setting new benchmarks for quality and performance. With an 8-carrier construction and utilizing ultra-thin Japanese PE Fiber alongside pioneering Micro Weave braiding technology, this braid harnesses the thinnest diameter fiber to create a remarkably robust structure, delivering exceptional strength within its diameter.

Engineered with a specially formulated Hydroslick coating, this braid boasts an unparalleled level of smoothness, elevating casting distances to new heights.

The construction process is meticulously honed to produce an exceptionally smooth braid, offering the highest tensile strength relative to its diameter. Whether casting, jigging, or trolling, the fusion of a smooth coating and an ultra-thin diameter ensures an enriched experience on the water, guaranteeing enhanced enjoyment during every fishing excursion.

Panderra Cyan 20 20lb 0.23 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 30 30lb 0.29 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 40 40lb 0.33 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 50 50lb 0.37 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 65 65lb 0.40 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 80 80lb 0.47 8 Cyan Blue
Panderra Cyan 100 100lb 0.50 8 Cyan Blue
Unveil unmatched quality and performance with the PANDERRA CYAN BLUE BRAID, where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous craftsmanship for a superior fishing experience.

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