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Nomad Riptide 105mm 35g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Nomad Design RIPTIDE 105mm: The Ultimate Fast-Sinking Subsurface Stickbait

The Nomad Design RIPTIDE 105mm stands out as the pinnacle of fast-sinking and long-casting stickbaits, designed to excel as a sub-surface lure with an enticing side-to-side wiggle on the sink. Crafted for versatility and toughness, this lure is equipped with an internal through-wire construction, making it exceptionally durable and ready for tackling big Tuna. The RIPTIDE 105mm's unique design and action, combined with Nomad Design's commitment to quality, make it a formidable choice for anglers targeting a variety of species in different fishing scenarios.

Key Features:

Fast Sinking and Long Casting:

The RIPTIDE 105mm is engineered for fast sinking and long casting, allowing anglers to reach distant feeding zones and cover more water. This feature is especially beneficial when pursuing aggressive and fast-moving species like Tuna.
Subsurface Stickbait Design:

Designed as the ultimate sub-surface stickbait, the RIPTIDE 105mm exhibits an enticing side-to-side wiggle on the sink. This unique action mimics the movement of injured or fleeing baitfish, triggering predatory instincts in target species.
Internal Through-Wire Construction:

Equipped with an internal through-wire construction, the RIPTIDE 105mm boasts exceptional toughness and durability. This construction enhances the lure's ability to withstand the powerful strikes and fights associated with big Tuna and other predatory species.
Versatile Retrieve Styles:

The RIPTIDE 105mm offers versatility in retrieve styles, allowing anglers to fish it fast or slow in both rough and calm water conditions. Its adaptability makes it effective in various fishing scenarios, making it a go-to choice for anglers pursuing different species.
Unique Side-to-Side Action:

The placement of internal weights in the RIPTIDE 105mm creates an incredible side-to-side action, turning nearly 180° when twitched in a "walk the dog" style retrieve. This action adds realism to the lure's presentation, increasing its appeal to predatory fish.
Nomad Design Craftsmanship:

Nomad Design lures are renowned for their toughness, durability, and effectiveness. The RIPTIDE 105mm reflects the brand's commitment to producing lures that withstand the challenges of real-world fishing. Crafted with decades of experience on the water, Nomad Design lures are designed to be tougher, last longer, and consistently catch more fish.

The Nomad Design RIPTIDE 105mm emerges as the ultimate fast-sinking subsurface stickbait, offering versatility and durability for anglers targeting a range of predatory species. Whether you're casting for big Tuna or pursuing other fast and aggressive fish, this lure's unique side-to-side wiggle on the sink adds realism to its presentation, making it irresistible to predators. With its internal through-wire construction, the RIPTIDE 105mm is engineered for toughness and longevity, ensuring it stands up to the challenges of intense fishing scenarios. Crafted with Nomad Design's dedication to quality, unique shapes, and highly detailed colors, the RIPTIDE 105mm proves to be a reliable and effective choice for anglers seeking a high-performance subsurface stickbait.

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