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Nomad Riptide 200mm 90g Floating Stickbait Lure

Nomad Design RIPTIDE 200mm Floating Stickbait: Conquering the Surface Realm

The RIPTIDE 200mm Floating Stickbait from Nomad Design emerges as the quintessential choice for targeting GTs, Tuna, Kingfish, and Mackerel on the surface. With its tail-down floating position, this stickbait exhibits an exceptionally erratic side-to-side 'S' shaped action when retrieved, delivering an irresistible surface commotion. Crafted with precision and resilience, the Riptide 200mm Floating Stickbait is designed to conquer the challenges posed by powerful and aggressive predators.

Key Features:

Surface Dominance:

The Riptide 200mm Floating Stickbait is engineered as the ultimate surface stickbait for formidable species like GTs, Tuna, Kingfish, and Mackerel. It excels in creating surface disturbance and enticing strikes from predatory fish.
Erratic Side-to-Side Action:

A long sweep of the rod during retrieval produces an extremely erratic side-to-side 'S' shaped action. This mimics the movements of distressed or fleeing baitfish, triggering aggressive responses from surface-feeding predators.
Versatile Retrieve Styles:

The stickbait's design allows for versatile retrieval styles. Anglers can employ a twitched "walk the dog" style retrieve, inducing enticing side-to-side action and a substantial body roll. The versatility of retrieve styles ensures adaptability to varying fishing conditions.
Tail Weight for Casting Distance:

The inclusion of a tail weight enhances casting distance, allowing anglers to reach distant feeding zones. This feature, combined with the stickbait's enticing action, ensures effective coverage of a larger area.
Durable Construction:

Nomad Design prioritizes durability in the construction of the RIPTIDE 200mm Floating Stickbait. It features a machine-stamped stainless-steel plate and full body foam core, making it one of the toughest stickbaits available, ready to withstand the challenges presented by aggressive surface predators.
Crafted for Success:

Designed and rigorously tested by the Nomad Sportfishing Team in Australia, this stickbait incorporates decades of on-water experience. The unique colors, effective shapes, and actions are a testament to Nomad Design's commitment to crafting lures that are tougher, last longer, and consistently deliver success in catching big fish.
The Nomad Design RIPTIDE 200mm Floating Stickbait stands as a surface dominator, offering anglers a tool specifically designed to entice strikes from formidable predators on the topwater. With its tail-down floating position, erratic side-to-side action, and tail weight for extended casting, this stickbait is a versatile and reliable choice for targeting surface-feeding giants. Crafted with durability in mind, featuring a machine-stamped stainless-steel plate and full body foam core, the Riptide 200mm Floating Stickbait ensures resilience against the toughest adversaries. Backed by the expertise of the Nomad Sportfishing Team, this lure is poised to elevate the angler's surface fishing experience, delivering results and lasting performance on every cast.

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