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Nomad Swimtrex 80mm 28g Sinking Hard Body Vibe Lure

The Swimtrex represents a groundbreaking advancement in lure technology, offering anglers a highly effective and unique tool for targeting a variety of fish species. Here are some key features of the Swimtrex:

Realistic Swimming Action: The Swimtrex is the first lipless vibration crankbait designed to swim like a real baitfish when sinking. Its innovative design allows it to emit lifelike swimming movements as it descends through the water column, mimicking the natural behavior of baitfish and attracting the attention of predatory fish.

Versatile Retrieval: Whether slow-rolled, straight-retrieved, or allowed to sink, the Swimtrex emits strong vibrations that can trigger strikes from nearby fish. Additionally, it features an internal rattle that produces a subtle knocking noise, further enhancing its appeal to fish in the vicinity.

Patented Autotune Line Tie: The Swimtrex is equipped with a patented Autotune line tie, ensuring that the lure maintains its optimal swimming action with every retrieve. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual tuning and ensures that the lure tracks perfectly straight, maximizing its effectiveness in enticing strikes.

Precise Weight Placement: The Swimtrex's body design and weight placement are optimized to enhance its swimming action and overall performance. The strategic distribution of weight ensures that the lure exhibits a lifelike swimming motion, making it irresistible to predatory fish.

Deadly and Unique: Combining its realistic swimming action, strong vibrations, and precise tracking capabilities, the Swimtrex is a deadly and unique lure that fish cannot ignore. Whether burned over weed beds or allowed to dive and hunt on the fall, the Swimtrex is sure to attract attention and elicit strikes from a wide range of fish species.

Overall, the Swimtrex represents a significant advancement in lure design, offering anglers an innovative and highly effective tool for their fishing arsenal. With its lifelike swimming action, versatile retrieval options, and patented features, the Swimtrex is poised to become a go-to lure for anglers targeting freshwater and saltwater fish alike.

Length: 80mm
Weight: 28g
Depth: 2-30m
Action: Sinking
Hooks Fitted: BKK Viper 4X Trebles #4
Uses: Casting - Vertical Jigging

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