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Ocean Hunter Assassin Dive Knife

The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife seems like a meticulously designed and highly functional tool for spearfishing. Here are the key features and specifications:


Blade Length: 10.5 cm
Blade Design: Includes both a sharp cutting edge and a serrated cutting edge
Construction: Full one-piece steel design for superior blade strength
Profile: Low profile to prevent snagging on shooting or float lines
Release Mechanism: Simple, easy-pull design for quick release when needed
Visibility: Bright orange pull cord for high visibility if accidentally dropped
Integrated Spear Wrench: Handy tool for removing lodged spears or straightening bent cluster tips
Handle: Designed for a positive grip and feel with nodules for improved grip

Additional Information:

Sheath: Comes with the Rob Allen Knife Sheath, designed for leg or arm mounting
Safety: The sheath features a design to minimize snagging and ensures quick access when needed
This knife is evidently designed with a comprehensive understanding of spearfishing needs. Its robust build, multifunctional blade, integrated wrench, and practical sheath design cater to the varied challenges spearos might encounter underwater. The emphasis on safety features like the visibility cord and snag-resistant sheath adds to its overall appeal for enthusiasts.

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