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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Lycra Skin Top >

The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Skin Top and Pant seem to offer a range of features to cater to spearfishers looking for versatile, protective, and functional gear. Here's a breakdown of the key features:

Ocean Hunter's Chameleon Camouflage: A specific camouflage pattern designed for tropical waters, aiding in seamless blending with the underwater environment, enhancing stealth during spearfishing.

Versatile Configuration: Available as a set of top and bottom garments or stand-alone pieces, allowing divers to use them together for full-body coverage or separately for specific needs.

High-Flex Durable Lycra Material: Offers supreme flexibility, ensuring easy wear and removal without restricting movements during dives.

Proven Anatomical Fit: Developed with Ocean Hunter's anatomical pattern, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit, vital for unrestricted movements while underwater.

Leg Stirrups and Thumb Loops: Enhance the fit of the garment, keeping it in place to prevent riding up or down during dives.

Rigid Non-Slip Neoprene Loading Pad: Offers protection during loading, a critical feature for repeated loading of the spear gun.

Anti-Ride-Up Elastic Waist: Helps to maintain the position of the garment during dives, preventing ride-up, which can interfere with movement and comfort.

Flatlock Seams: Strengthened seams designed for durability and longevity, ensuring the gear withstands wear and tear.

UV 50+ Certified: Tested and certified to offer UV protection, essential for prolonged exposure to the sun during spearfishing sessions, particularly in exposed dive sites.

This combination of features suggests that the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Skin Top and Pant are designed to cater to various conditions and provide spearfishers with comfortable, protective, and camouflaging gear for their underwater expeditions, making it a versatile addition to their kit.

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