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Ocean Hunter Red Back Dive Knife

The Redback 304 knife seems to be a popular choice for spearfishing, offering durability and rust resistance at an affordable price. Here are its key features:


Blade: 11cm (approximately 4.3 inches) double-sided dagger with a thick stiletto point blade
Material: Constructed from 304 S/S stainless steel, ensuring high rust resistance
Serrated Edge: Features a 40mm serrated edge for quick and efficient line cutting
Sheath: Includes a plastic sheath designed for quick release and easy access
Color Options: Available in red

Blade Strength: The thick stiletto point blade design maximizes strength, making it suitable for various tasks encountered while spearfishing.
Rust Resistance: Utilizing 304 S/S stainless steel, the knife is highly resistant to rust, ensuring longevity and durability even in harsh marine environments.
Dual Functionality: The double-sided dagger design and the 40mm serrated edge provide versatility for multiple cutting needs.
Safety: The quick-release straps on the sheath ensure convenient access to the knife while maintaining a secure hold underwater.
Overall, the Redback 304 knife appears to be a reliable and cost-effective choice for spearos, offering a balance of durability, rust resistance, and functionality for various underwater cutting requirements.

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