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Ocean Hunter Redback Speargun

Discover the Ocean Hunter Redback Railgun, an exceptional value-packed speargun available in core sizes ranging from 80cm to 100cm. Designed for versatility and durability, this speargun is a reliable choice for a range of underwater hunting pursuits.

Key Features:

Enhanced Durability: Utilizes Ocean Hunter's proven handle and a mechanism molded in glass-reinforced Nylon, ensuring increased durability for extended use.
High-Quality Components: Features a high-grade Stainless steel trigger and line release, guaranteeing reliability and performance.
Effortless Loading: Includes a loading butt for added comfort and ease during the loading process, enhancing the overall user experience.
Precision Shooting: Equipped with an aircraft-grade aluminum barrel with an integrated Shaft Rail, ensuring straight and accurate shots for superior precision.
Versatile Muzzle: Incorporates a traditional bulk rubber closed muzzle, accommodating a wide range of spear diameters and allowing the addition of extra bands for enhanced power.
Comprehensive Package: Comes with a 7mm coated spring steel shaft, tri-cut spear tip, single wrap of 400lb monofilament with quality crimps, and an Ocean Hunter gun bungee with a swivel clip.
Convenient Accessories: Handle includes a ready-connect Shark clip with a swivel for easy connection to your float line, offering added convenience during use.
Power and Speed: Fitted with a fast-loading 16mm Dyneema powerband, delivering ample power and speed for various hunting needs.
From hunting coral trout in North Queensland to pursuing bream, flathead, and snapper, the Redback railgun proves to be an outstanding all-around companion for diverse spearfishing adventures.

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