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Ocean Hunter Spearit Dive Knife

The Spearit knife appears to offer practicality and strength at an economical price point. Here are its key features:


Material: Constructed from durable and strong 420 stainless steel, known for its edge retention and strength.
Sheath: Features a robust sheath equipped with a secure and easy-to-release knife clip, accompanied by straps for convenient mounting on the leg or arm.
Blade Design: Exhibits a stiletto point that aids in the swift and efficient dispatch of speared fish.

Sturdy Material: The 420 stainless steel composition ensures durability and the ability to retain a sharp edge, suitable for various tasks related to spearfishing and shellfish gathering.
Secure Sheath: The robust sheath, inclusive of a secure knife clip and straps, facilitates safe and accessible storage of the knife, offering flexibility for mounting on the leg or arm, providing quick access when required.
Fish Dispatch Efficiency: The stiletto point design is aimed at facilitating the quick and efficient dispatch of speared fish, offering practicality during fishing activities.
Additionally, the maintenance recommendations for 420 stainless steel, including rinsing in freshwater after use and applying silicone spray to minimize corrosion, indicate a focus on durability and longevity for this knife.

Overall, the Spearit knife seems to offer a blend of durability, functionality, and affordability, making it suitable for spearfishers and shellfish gatherers seeking a reliable tool within a budget.

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