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Ocean Pro Mallacoota Mask, Snorkel And Fins Set Black/grey/orange

Discover Comfort and Performance: The Mallacoota Mask Snorkel Fins Set

Experience the ultimate in underwater comfort and performance with the Mallacoota Mask Snorkel Fins set. Crafted from premium quality silicone, this set offers a blend of innovative design and comfort for an unparalleled aquatic adventure.

Unmatched Comfort and Customization:

High-Quality Silicone Mask: The 100% liquid black silicone skirt ensures optimal vision and an incredibly comfortable fit. Glide through the waters with ease, supported by the leak-free design and easy-adjust buckles.

Unique Pivot Sump Snorkel: This innovative design allows customization of the snorkel's positioning in your mouth, enhancing comfort and minimizing jaw fatigue during your underwater exploration.

Powerful Thrust Blade Fin: Experience surprising power and efficiency with the thrust blade fin, offering exceptional performance with minimal finning effort. Say goodbye to leg fatigue and potential cramps as you effortlessly navigate underwater.

Tailored for Comfort and Performance:

The closed heel fin provides superior comfort while ensuring a secure fit. The semi-dry snorkel with its splash guard further enhances your in-water experience, keeping unwanted water out.

Options That Suit You:

Available in sizes ranging from 5-6 to 12-13 (US shoe), and in popular black/grey and black/teal colorways, you can choose the perfect fit and style that suits your underwater adventures.

Eco-Friendly and Unique Packaging:

Embrace a commitment to sustainability with the unique Oceanpro Eco Packaging design, adding an eco-friendly touch to your exceptional snorkeling set.

Dive into Excellence:

With its innovative features and dedication to comfort, performance, and style, the Mallacoota Mask Snorkel Fins Set is your passport to an extraordinary underwater journey.

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