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Ocean Pro Sub-sabre E1 Torch

Introducing the SUBSABRE E1: Your Reliable Compact LED Light for Watersports

Embark on your aquatic adventures with confidence, guided by the SUBSABRE E1—a trailblazer in the LED light series. Delivering a powerful underwater performance, effortless usability, and a sturdy design, this compact light redefines reliability at an irresistibly attractive price point.

Key Features:

Three Operational Modes: Seamlessly toggle between High, Low, and SOS modes, providing versatile illumination options tailored to your underwater needs.

150 Lumens / 1 Watt Power: Despite its compact size, this light packs a punch, emitting 150 lumens powered by a robust 1-watt system, ensuring optimal visibility during your watersport activities.

High-Grade Aluminium Light Head: Crafted from top-tier aluminium, the light head promises durability and resilience, ready to endure underwater environments and your adventures.

Long-Life LED Bulb: Engineered with a long-life LED bulb, this light ensures reliability and endurance, offering consistent performance dive after dive.

Extended Burn Time: Enjoy an impressive 4-hour duration on High mode and a remarkable 8-hour span on Low mode, providing ample illumination throughout your water excursions.

Battery Compatibility: Operates on 3 x AAA batteries, offering convenience and accessibility. Additionally, it accommodates the 18650 rechargeable battery, catering to diverse power preferences.

50-Meter Waterproof Rating: Submerge confidently with the SUBSABRE E1, waterproof up to 50 meters, ensuring reliable performance in various underwater scenarios.

Includes Wrist Lanyard: Equipped with a wrist lanyard for added security and ease of handling during your watersports activities.

Experience the SUBSABRE E1, a compact yet powerful LED light meticulously engineered to accompany you on all your aquatic escapades. With its versatility, durability, and reliable performance, it's the ultimate companion for watersports enthusiasts seeking dependable illumination beneath the waves.

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