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Oceans Legacy Keeling 160mm 82g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Ocean’s Legacy Keeling Sinking Stickbait: Mastering Versatility in Demanding Conditions

Embark on a fishing journey with the Ocean’s Legacy Keeling Sinking Stickbait, a newly designed lure engineered for ultimate versatility and tested in the most challenging fishing environments. Proven in the unforgiving terrains, from the flats of the Cocos Keeling Islands to the coral reefs of the Montebello Islands and the Great Barrier Reef, this sinking stickbait is designed to excel in the harshest conditions.

Key Features:

Proven Performance:

Tested and proven in diverse and demanding fishing situations, the Keeling Sinking Stickbait has showcased its effectiveness in various environments, from island flats to rocky headlands.
Realistic Baitfish Action:

The sleek body design of the Keeling lure facilitates easy use and enables anglers to impart a realistic, life-like baitfish action. Its versatility allows for multiple retrieval techniques, including straight wind for a swimming action, twitch and pause to mimic struggling baitfish, and slow/fast sweeping to recreate fleeing prey behavior.
Moderate Sinking Rate:

With a moderate sinking rate of approximately 3 seconds per meter, the Keeling lure offers flexibility in presenting at various depths, effectively targeting predators throughout the water column.
Weighted and Balanced:

The lure is strategically weighted and balanced to retain exceptional action and ensure maximum casting distance, even in windy conditions. This feature enhances the lure's performance in various weather situations.
Custom Designed Hardware:

Equipped with Ocean’s Legacy's custom-designed hardware, the Keeling Sinking Stickbait features super-strong split rings and single hooks. Anglers have the option to replace these with single or treble hooks based on their preferences and requirements.
Wire-Through Construction:

All models of the Keeling lure boast wire-through construction, providing anglers the confidence to exert force when extracting fish from rough ground. The durability of this construction ensures the lure can handle the challenges posed by larger predators.
The Ocean’s Legacy Keeling Sinking Stickbait emerges as a versatile and resilient companion for anglers exploring diverse fishing landscapes. Its proven performance in harsh conditions, coupled with the ability to mimic realistic baitfish actions through various retrieval techniques, makes it a reliable choice for enticing even the fussiest of predators. With a moderate sinking rate, balanced design, and custom hardware, the Keeling lure offers a comprehensive solution for anglers seeking success in challenging environments. Whether you're targeting predators in island flats, rocky headlands, or coral reefs, the Keeling Sinking Stickbait is designed to rise to the occasion, providing a powerful tool for the avid angler's arsenal.

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