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Oceans Legacy Roven 25g Rigged Micro Jig Lure

Discover the Roven Micro: A Genuine Micro Pitch Jig with Unmatched Reflection and Action

We're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Roven Micro—a dedicated genuine micro pitch jig that redefines the possibilities in micro jigging. With a distinctive mixed blended foil design that maximizes reflection, the Roven Micro is set to revolutionize the world of micro pitch jigging.

Key Features:

Micro Pitch Excellence:

The Roven Micro is crafted with precision to deliver a micro pitch jigging experience like no other. Its slow side-to-side rocking descending motion sets it apart, allowing it to fall almost horizontally. This specialized action significantly enhances the bite rate, making it a game-changer for micro jig enthusiasts.
Mixed Blended Foil Design:

Elevating the art of micro pitch jig design, the Roven Micro features a unique mixed blended foil pattern. This design is carefully crafted to maximize reflection, ensuring that the jig presents an irresistible target for fish. The attention to detail in the foil design sets the Roven Micro apart from the competition.
Glow Pattern with Ultra-High UV Shimmer:

Enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions, the Roven Micro boasts a one-of-a-kind glow pattern. This design is complemented by an ultra-high UV shimmer, adding an extra layer of allure to attract fish in both clear and low-light situations.
Deadly Action in Low Current:

The Roven Micro doesn't compromise on action, even in low current scenarios. Its deadly motion remains effective, ensuring that anglers can capitalize on micro jigging opportunities in a variety of fishing environments.

The Roven Micro isn't just a micro jig; it's a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Whether you're targeting specific micro species or exploring the finesse side of jigging, the Roven Micro is poised to deliver exceptional results.

Experience the next level of micro pitch jigging with the Roven Micro—a genuine micro pitch jig that combines unmatched reflection, a unique foil design, and a deadly slow pitch action. Elevate your micro jigging game and embrace the excitement of enticing strikes with a micro jig that stands out in terms of both form and function.

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