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Pakula Micro Cockroach 7" Skirted Lure

Unveiling the Peter Pakula Micro Cockroach: A Game Fishing Marvel in Microscopic Precision

Embark on a new frontier in game fishing with the latest release from Peter Pakula – the Micro Cockroach, a lure that transcends the ordinary. Designed in a captivating micro cockroach pattern, this game fishing masterpiece combines innovative features to enthrall billfish and tuna alike.

Key Features:

3D Printed Head with Venturi Jets:
The Micro Cockroach boasts a head crafted with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, ensuring a level of precision that mimics nature's intricacies. Integrated Venturi jets add an extra dimension, creating a lifelike turbulence that beckons predatory instincts.

Vibrant Fish Print Skirts:
Cloaked in vibrant fish print skirts, the Micro Cockroach presents an irresistible spectacle beneath the waves. Each detail is meticulously chosen to replicate the appearance of baitfish, making it a targeted temptation for billfish and tuna.

UV & Lumo Blue Glow Additives:
Dive into the realm of heightened visibility with UV and lumo blue glow additives. The Micro Cockroach becomes a beacon of attraction, standing out even in low-light conditions. Watch as it lures in billfish and tuna with its mesmerizing glow.

Targeted Bait Imitation:
Engineered to imitate baits specifically favored by billfish and tuna, the Micro Cockroach is a strategic choice for anglers seeking precision in their game fishing endeavors. Its design aligns with the natural preferences of these apex predators, increasing your chances of success.

Optimal Length – 175mm:
The Micro Cockroach measures an ideal length of 175mm, striking a balance between versatility and effectiveness. This size ensures it remains a compelling target for billfish and tuna, offering a versatile presentation in various fishing scenarios.

In summary, the Peter Pakula Micro Cockroach is not just a lure; it's a game fishing marvel meticulously crafted for success. From its 3D printed head with Venturi jets to the vibrant fish print skirts adorned with UV and lumo blue glow additives, every element is designed to captivate and conquer. Elevate your game fishing experience with the Micro Cockroach and redefine your pursuit of billfish and tuna in waters around the world.

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