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Pakula Micro Sprocket 180mm Skirted Lure

Pakula Micro Sprocket: A Versatile All-Rounder for Trolling Success

Originally conceived as a long rigger, the Pakula Micro Sprocket has proven its versatility, establishing itself as an exceptional all-rounder capable of success in any position within the trolling spread. With a tight swimming action optimized for conditions ranging from calm seas to a medium chop, this lure has become a reliable choice for anglers seeking consistent performance.

Key Features:

All-Position Excellence:
Originally designed for the long rigger, the Pakula Micro Sprocket has transcended its initial role, proving its mettle in any position within the trolling spread. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for anglers who appreciate a versatile lure capable of delivering results in various scenarios.

Tight Swimming Action:
The Micro Sprocket boasts a tight swimming action that sets it apart. This dynamic movement in the water serves as an irresistible invitation to predatory fish, making it a go-to choice for anglers seeking a lure with an enticing presentation.

Adaptable to Sea Conditions:
Excelling in conditions from calm seas to a medium chop, the Micro Sprocket showcases its adaptability. Whether the waters are serene or slightly choppy, this lure maintains its effectiveness, ensuring a consistent performance that withstands changing sea conditions.

Best Rigged with Hook 25/15:
To maximize the potential of the Pakula Micro Sprocket, it is recommended to rig it with a hook size of 25/15. This ensures optimal presentation and hooking efficiency, enhancing your chances of a successful hookup.

In summary, the Pakula Micro Sprocket is a testament to adaptability and trolling success. Its evolution from a long rigger to an all-position performer, coupled with a tight swimming action and adaptability to sea conditions, makes it a versatile and reliable choice for anglers in pursuit of their next trophy catch. Rig it with a hook size 25/15 and experience the excellence of the Pakula Micro Sprocket on every trolling excursion.

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