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Platypus Lo Stretch Monofilament Fishing Line Blue 500m

Platypus Lo-Stretch revolutionizes the angling experience by blending the best attributes of braid and monofilament lines into one game-changing product.

Featuring a lower stretch percentage, it offers enhanced sensitivity, greater control, and heightened hook-setting power. Despite this, Lo-Stretch retains the ease of rigging, knot robustness, abrasion resistance, and affordability typically associated with monofilament lines. For lure enthusiasts averse to braid, or bait aficionados seeking better feel and control, Lo-Stretch presents an ideal option.

Our line experts meticulously developed Lo-Stretch to incorporate the lowest possible stretch in a monofilament line, while preserving essential Platypus monofilament traits—like its slick, smooth finish, easy handling, superb abrasion resistance, and exceptional knot integrity.

When facing challenging elements like waves, wind, water depth, or current, Lo-Stretch's reduced stretch can be a game-changer. It amplifies bite detection, improves overall feel, augments hook-setting capabilities, and offers superior control over hooked fish. Yet, it maintains a tailored amount of stretch to function as a shock absorber, minimizing pulled hooks and break-offs.

Experience the best of both worlds with Platypus Lo-Stretch—an angler's ally that offers local expertise and excellence.

Reduced stretch for heightened feel and control
Thinner diameter for expanded line capacity
Exceptional abrasion resistance
Unrivaled knot strength
Available in Blue, Pink, and Orange colors
IGFA line classes

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