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Popovics Fleye Foils

Fleye Foils: Create Realistic Baitfish Flies

Fleye Foils, developed by the legendary fly-tier Bob Popovics, are an essential tool for crafting lifelike baitfish flies. These foils are designed to mimic the head, belly, and lateral line of baitfish, giving your flies an incredibly realistic appearance. Here's a breakdown of the available sizes and their recommended uses:

Bay Anchovy Large (40mm):

Suited for flies around 8 to 10 cm in length
Ideal for tying on #2/0 to #4/0 hooks
Bay Anchovy Medium (35mm):

Designed for flies approximately 8 cm long
Recommended hook sizes: #1 to #1/0
Bay Anchovy Small (25mm):

Suitable for creating flies ranging from 4 to 8 cm in length
Best paired with #2 to #4 hooks
Each size option includes 12 pairs of foils per packet. Whether you're an experienced fly-tier or just getting started, Fleye Foils can elevate your fly designs to the next level, attracting more fish with their lifelike appearance.

For additional insights into how to use Fleye Foils effectively, you can watch the instructional video provided above. Dive into the world of realistic baitfish flies and improve your fly-fishing game with Fleye Foils.

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