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Pro Lure Xl Shad 6" Soft Plastic Lure

The XL Shad: Your Ultimate Swimbait for Big Predatory Species

The XL Shad swimbait is a game-changing lure designed with one specific goal in mind: to entice and hook big predatory species. Whether you're targeting massive Murray Cod, meter-plus Barramundi, or the dream-worthy Mulloway, the XL Shad is the lure that can make those fishing dreams a reality. This swimbait was born out of collaboration with experienced anglers who specialize in pursuing these impressive predators, and it boasts features that will have them chasing it down.

Key Features of the XL Shad Swimbait:

Realistic Swimming Action: The XL Shad features a flat paddle tail design that delivers an incredibly realistic swimming action. As it moves through the water, it generates lifelike vibrations that are irresistible to ambush predators. This lifelike action mimics the movements of prey, making it a compelling target.

Versatile Split Belly Design: The XL Shad's split belly design adds to its versatility. It allows for easy and effective weedless rigging, making it suitable for a variety of fishing environments. You can confidently fish it around structure and cover without worrying about snags.

Two Size Options: The XL Shad comes in two size options to cater to your target species and preferences. You can choose from the 200mm (8") version or the 150mm (6") version, both of which have their own unique advantages for different fishing situations.

Color Range: To match various fishing conditions and preferences, the XL Shad is available in a range of colors. The 200mm version offers 11 color choices, while the 150mm version comes in 9 colors. These colors are designed to entice and trigger strikes from big predators.

Suitable for All Depths: The XL Shad is a versatile swimbait that can be fished at different depths and around various types of structure. Whether you're fishing deep, shallow, or somewhere in between, this lure is up to the task.

Ideal for Medium to Heavy Gear: Rig the XL Shad on medium to heavy spinning or baitcasting tackle to handle the power of big predatory species. This swimbait is built to withstand the fight and provide you with the control you need.

Technique: The recommended technique for fishing the XL Shad is a slow roll with varying retrieve speeds. This technique allows you to showcase the swimbait's lifelike action and trigger strikes from lurking predators.

The XL Shad swimbait is a must-have for anglers with a passion for chasing big fish. It's designed to attract and hook those trophy-sized Murray Cod, Barramundi, Mulloway, and other predatory species that anglers dream of landing. With its realistic swimming action, versatile rigging options, and a color range to suit different conditions, the XL Shad is the ultimate choice for anglers looking to elevate their pursuit of these formidable predators.

Equip yourself with the XL Shad swimbait, and get ready to experience the thrill of battling and landing those elusive trophy fish that have always been the stuff of legends. Chase your fishing dreams and make them a reality with the XL Shad.

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