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Pro Lure Ultra Gar 150mm 28g Floating Stickbait Lure

Pro Lure UltraGar: Redefining Lure Innovation

Pro Lure continues to lead the way in lure design, and the UltraGar exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries. This unique lure boasts a realistic garfish profile, available in three versatile models tailored to target various species.

Floating Model:

Equipped with 4x BKK trebles, ideal for freshwater impoundments and saltwater environments.
Excels in topwater barramundi action, inshore reefs, and bluewater for pelagics.
Perfect for a swift walk-the-dog retrieve or twitch-and-pause to imitate fleeing or wounded bait.
Full through-wire construction ensures durability and confidence when tackling trophy fish.
Sinking Model:

Features 4x BKK front treble and rear single hook for tackling heavy-hitting pelagics.
Designed for long casting at inshore reefs and bluewater.
Swift walk-the-dog retrieve or twitch-and-pause mimics fleeing or wounded bait.
Full through-wire construction ensures strength and reliability.
Topwater Flathead Model:

Tuned for slow floating, allowing for twitching below the surface to imitate a wounded fish.
Reduced buoyancy for longer subsurface hangs before rising to the surface.
Fitted with light gauge BKK Superslide trebles for easy hooksets on surface strikes.
The UltraGar redefines versatility, delivering lifelike action and precision engineering for unparalleled fishing experiences. Pro Lure's dedication to innovation ensures that the UltraGar stands out as a game-changer in the world of lure design. Elevate your fishing game with the Pro Lure UltraGar series.

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