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Rapala Countdown Magnum Cdmag 14 36g Hard Body Lure

Introducing the Countdown Magnum: Your Ultimate Offshore Pelagic Weapon

Unrivaled Performance:
As the world's number one saltwater trolling lure, the Countdown Magnum is the ultimate "go-to" choice for chasing pelagic species offshore. Its proven track record and unmatched performance make it a staple in the tackle box of serious anglers worldwide.

Target Predators at Any Depth:
Equipped with a controlled sink-rate and a deep diving lip, the Countdown Magnum allows you to target predators at various depths with precision. Whether you're fishing near the surface or going deep, this lure ensures that you're always in the strike zone.

Built to Endure:
Crafted from super tough Abachi wood and featuring a wire-through construction, the Countdown Magnum is built to withstand the toughest battles against toothy predators. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle the aggressive strikes and relentless fights that come with offshore fishing.

Versatile and Reliable:
Whether you're trolling for tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, or other pelagic species, the Countdown Magnum delivers consistent results trip after trip. Its reliable action and durability make it a trusted companion for anglers seeking trophy fish in the open ocean.

Countless Success Stories:
With a long history of success and countless trophy fish to its name, the Countdown Magnum has earned its reputation as the ultimate offshore trolling lure. Anglers around the world trust it to deliver results when targeting their favorite pelagic species.

Prepare for Battle:
When it's time to hit the open water in search of big game fish, arm yourself with the Countdown Magnum. With its unbeatable performance, durability, and track record of success, this legendary lure will help you conquer the oceans and land the fish of a lifetime.

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