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Rapala Precision Extreme Pencil Exo 127mm 26g Floating Stickbait Lure

Precision Xtreme Pencil EXO: Conquer Predators with Unyielding Power

Unleash the might of the Precision Xtreme Pencil EXO, the largest and most robust among its counterparts. Crafted to endure ferocious strikes from aggressive predators like Barramundi, Murray Cod, and Trevally, this topwater lure ensures you're equipped for the toughest battles. Get ready to witness an easy-to-produce walk-the-dog action, reinforced components, and a design that stands out in the water.

Key Features:

Walk-the-Dog Action:

Produces an enticing walk-the-dog action that mimics the movement of distressed prey.
Lures in predators with a realistic and irresistible swimming pattern.

Wire-Through Construction:

Built with wire-through construction for enhanced durability and strength.
Withstands the force of savage strikes, ensuring the lure remains intact during intense battles.

Dual Frequency Knocker:

Equipped with a dual-frequency knocker that creates unique underwater acoustics.
Serves as a casting weight, allowing for maximum cast distance and precision accuracy.

3D High-Quality Finish:

Features a visually striking 3D high-quality finish that adds realism to the lure.
Attracts attention and triggers predatory instincts with its lifelike appearance.

VMC 7556 3X Ti Trebles:

Fitted with heavy-duty VMC 7556 3X Ti treble hooks for superior hook-setting power.
Designed to securely hold onto aggressive predators, ensuring a solid connection.

Ultra Long Casting:

Engineered for ultra-long casting distances, reaching distant targets with ease.
Ideal for covering expansive water areas and reaching the strike zone effectively.

3D Eyes:

Enhanced with 3D eyes for added realism and visual appeal.
Mimics the natural appearance of prey, enticing predators to strike.

Conquer the waters and dominate your fishing expedition with the Precision Xtreme Pencil EXO. Whether you're targeting Barramundi, Murray Cod, Trevally, or other aggressive predators, this lure is your key to success. Cast with confidence, trigger strikes with precision, and triumph over the toughest adversaries with the Precision Xtreme Pencil EXO.

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