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Rapala Shadow Rap Jack Deep 70mm 10g Hard Body Lure

Introducing the Shadow Rap® Jack Deep: The Ultimate All-Purpose Lure

Versatile Performance:
The Shadow Rap® Jack Deep is the ultimate "Jack of All Trades" when it comes to fishing lures. Whether you're targeting saltwater predators or freshwater species, this versatile lure excels in a variety of fishing scenarios.

Built to Last:
Constructed with a wire-through design and equipped with 3X VMC® Coastal Black hooks, the Jack Deep is built to withstand the toughest battles against aggressive predators. Its durable construction ensures that it can handle whatever the fish throw its way.

Quick Diving Action:
With its tight action and quick diving capabilities, the Jack Deep dives rapidly when cranked, making it effective for covering a wide range of depths. Whether you prefer a steady retrieve or twitching action, this lure delivers realistic movements that mimic the erratic behavior of a dying baitfish.

Extended Strike Zone Presence:
Thanks to its super-slow float in saltwater, the Jack Deep remains in the strike zone longer, increasing your chances of enticing bites from wary predators. Its bite-sized profile and lifelike action make it an irresistible target for a variety of gamefish species.

Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors:
The Shadow Rap® Jack Deep is available in both 5cm and 7cm models, offering anglers options to match the hatch or target larger predators. With a wide range of fish-catching colors to choose from, you can select the perfect lure for any fishing situation.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Tackle Box:
Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, the Shadow Rap® Jack Deep is a must-have addition to your tackle box. Its versatility, durability, and proven performance make it an essential tool for targeting a wide range of fish species in various environments.

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