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Redington Behemoth Fly Reel

Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel: Power, Precision, and Unmatched Design

The Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel stands as a testament to the fusion of power, precision, and groundbreaking design. With the most powerful drag in its class, a unique die-cast construction, and a super-heavy duty carbon fiber drag package, the BEHEMOTH reels redefine expectations, offering both stunning aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

Key Features:

Most Powerful Drag in its Class: The BEHEMOTH proudly features the most potent drag in its class, providing unparalleled strength, reliability, and performance. From your favorite 5-weight trout rod to saltwater-ready big-game sizes, this reel delivers the power needed for diverse angling adventures.

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Drag: Experience the smooth and precise drag performance with the adjustable carbon fiber drag system. Fine-tune your settings to match the requirements of different fishing scenarios, ensuring optimal control.

Unique Die-Cast Construction: The reel's unique, un-machinable, die-cast construction sets it apart in both strength and aesthetics. This innovative design approach pushes the boundaries of traditional fly reel construction, resulting in a durable and high-functioning masterpiece.

Large Arbor Design: The interlocking large-arbor spool design not only contributes to the reel's visual appeal but also facilitates a swift retrieve. Say goodbye to line memory issues and enjoy improved overall performance.

Oversized Drag Knob: The oversized drag knob ensures easy adjustment, allowing for quick and efficient changes to the drag settings during your fishing endeavors.

Convertible Retrieve: Seamlessly convert between left-hand and right-hand retrieve to accommodate your preferred fishing style with ease.

Deep V-Spool: The deep V-spool design significantly increases backing capacity, providing ample space for the line required in various fishing situations.

Twin Molded, Soft-Touch Ergonomic Handles: Enjoy comfort during extended fishing sessions with twin molded, soft-touch ergonomic handles that offer a secure grip in all conditions.

Nylon Reel Case Included: The BEHEMOTH Fly Reel comes complete with a nylon reel case, ensuring convenient storage and easy transportation.

Sizes Available:

The BEHEMOTH is available in sizes tailored for 5-weight trout rods up to saltwater-ready big-game setups.
Elevate your fly fishing experience with the Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, this reel delivers unmatched performance and affordability. Order now and redefine your expectations on the water.

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