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Rio Directcore Jungle Fly Line

RIO Jungle Series Fly Line: Conquer the Tropics with Precision

Designed for the relentless heat of tropical and jungle destinations, the RIO Jungle Series Fly Line stands as a testament to innovation and performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to the unique challenges presented by these environments, this line ensures anglers are equipped to face the heat and target species like Peacock Bass, Dorado, and Pacu with unrivaled efficiency.

Key Features:

Specifically Designed for Tropical Heat: The Jungle Series is not just a fly line; it's a solution tailored for anglers venturing into the tropical heat. Every aspect of its design is aimed at conquering the challenges presented by these demanding environments.

Low-Memory DirectCore: Built on RIO's low-memory DirectCore, the line is extremely easy to anneal (stretch) and lies perfectly straight on the water. This core retains the stiffness necessary to cast effortlessly in hot conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

Quick-Loading Head: The Jungle Series features a short, quick-loading head that effortlessly casts and turns over typical large flies. It provides anglers with the power and control needed to tackle the diverse and formidable species found in tropical waters.

Versatile Density Options: With a range of density options, this fly line caters to all species, conditions, and waters. Whether you're targeting different depths or adapting to the behavior of various tropical fish, the Jungle Series has you covered.

Powerful Front Taper: The powerful front taper delivers larger flies with exceptional ease, providing the angler with the confidence to present their flies precisely in challenging tropical environments.

Hard Tropical Coating: The line boasts a hard tropical coating that stands firm against the heat, ensuring it does not wilt or lose performance even in the most intense tropical conditions.

Technical Specifications:

Line Size: 10wt
Density: Floating

Gear up for an adventure in tropical waters with the RIO Jungle Series Fly Line. Unleash the power, precision, and reliability designed to overcome the heat and conquer the challenging species found in these exotic destinations. Order now and experience fly fishing at its pinnacle in the tropics!

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