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Rob Allen Couta Mask Black

Couta Single Lens Mask: Clear Vision and Comfort

Experience unparalleled vision and comfort underwater with the Couta Single Lens Mask. Perfect for those who appreciate the fit and clarity of a single lens mask, this mask is tailored for slightly wider faces, providing an expansive view for your aquatic pursuits.

Clarity and Wide Vision:

Large Clear Glass Single Lens: Offering an expansive view, the single large glass lens ensures you have an unobstructed sightline, ideal for spotting your next catch.
Comfort for Extended Dives:

Soft Black Silicone: Crafted with a soft black silicone skirt, this mask keeps you comfortable during extended hours in the water.

Easy Equalization: The mask features an easy-to-access nose pocket, simplifying equalization, especially during longer and deeper dives.

Quality Construction for Durability:

Tempered Glass: Robust tempered glass ensures clarity and durability for all your underwater adventures.
Adjustable for the Perfect Fit:

Customizable Straps: Easily adjustable straps with convenient easy-squeeze clips ensure a snug and personalized fit.
Unveil Your Underwater World:

Discover the underwater world with unmatched clarity and comfort, courtesy of the Couta Single Lens Mask's high visibility and comfortable design.

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