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Rob Allen Cubera Mask Black

Rob Allen Cubera Mask: Enhanced Vision and Comfort

Introducing the Rob Allen Cubera Mask, designed to elevate your underwater experience with its innovative features. This mask is crafted to provide:

Enhanced Visual Clarity:

Flash Red Tinted Lens: Shields against harmful UV rays while offering an HD view of the underwater world, ensuring clear vision and protection.
Comfortable and Functional Design:

Low Volume Construction: Offers a low-volume design for easier equalization and reduced drag, enhancing your comfort underwater.

Hypoallergenic Silicone Skirt: Features a soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt that ensures a comfortable and secure fit, minimizing any skin irritations.

Ease of Equalization:

Textured Around Nose: The mask is textured around the nose area, facilitating ease of equalization during your dives.
Unveil the Underwater Beauty:

Experience enhanced vision and comfort underwater with the Rob Allen Cubera Mask, crafted to provide clarity, protection, and ease of use for your aquatic explorations.

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