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Rob Allen Dentex Knife

The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife is a product that's been carefully developed for two years, resulting in a highly anticipated tool for spearos. Here are its key features:


Blade Length: 10.5 cm
Blade Type: Features a sharp cutting edge and a serrated cutting edge, providing versatility and practicality.
Construction: Manufactured as a full one-piece steel design, ensuring superior blade strength and durability.
Design: Engineered with an extremely low profile, minimizing the risk of accidental snagging on shooting or float lines.
Release Mechanism: Designed for a simple and quick release when needed, allowing for swift access to the knife.
Integrated Spear Wrench: Includes a spear wrench integrated into the design, aiding in removing spears lodged in reefs or large fish.
Handle: Constructed from synthetic plastic, designed with nodules for improved grip, ensuring a positive and secure hold.

Blade Strength: The one-piece steel design enhances the blade's strength, minimizing the possibility of it snapping out of the handle, providing reliability for handling heavy-duty fish.
Versatile Blade: The knife's blade offers both a sharp cutting edge and a serrated edge, allowing for efficient slicing through ropes or lines during emergencies.
Practical Design: The dagger-style design and user-friendly handle make it an effective tool for dispatching fish.
Integrated Features: The inclusion of an integrated spear wrench, along with its placement away from the blade end, ensures safe usage without endangering fingers.
Sheath: Comes with the popular Rob Allen Knife Sheath, designed for versatile mounting options on either the leg or forearm, emphasizing a minimalistic profile to prevent snagging.
The meticulous attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and practical design elements reflect the commitment of Rob Allen in creating a durable, functional, and highly anticipated knife suitable for spearfishing enthusiasts.

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