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Rob Allen Vecta 40m Low Profile Reel

Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Low Profile: Reliability Redefined

Never lose another trophy fish with the Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Low Profile. Crafted from 30% glass-filled nylon and featuring graphite-filled acetyl bushes, this reel is designed to withstand intense pressure and ensure unparalleled durability. The use of graphite-filled Acetyl bushes eliminates common sticking points seen in other reel brands, ensuring seamless functionality.

Every element of the Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Low Profile is engineered for longevity and robust performance. Its stainless steel thread on the drag nut enhances durability, while the stainless wear surface around the line lead guarantees smooth line movement, preventing wear on the line guide.

Key Features:

Materials: 30% glass-filled Nylon construction with Graphite-filled acetyl bushes for superior durability.

Stainless Steel Thread: Ensures enduring strength and reliability.

Smooth Line Guide: Stainless wear surface prevents line wear, ensuring seamless line movement.

Lightweight Design: Weighing only 95g, it maintains gun handling without affecting performance.

Capacity: Capable of holding over 40 meters of 2mm line for ample fishing opportunities.

Dovetail Bracket: Allows for easy removal and hassle-free installation.

Included with the Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Low Profile is the Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Bracket, allowing effortless attachment to your Rob Allen railgun or other gun brands. Never compromise on your trophy catch or risk losing your speargun again, thanks to the reliability of this high-performance gun reel.

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